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Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Oceanside, NY

Oriental rugs make a home look beautiful and cozy; however they can turn into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria when not cleaned properly and can make your home lose its fresh look when discolored or worn out.

Water-related damage, food and beverage spills, dust from shoes, pet accidents, and dander can lead to bacteria, dust mites, and mold buildup that can become a dangerous health hazard if not mitigated during the early stages. Cleaning by yourself often does not guarantee either proper cleaning or thorough bacteria and mold mitigation. DIY cleaning can cause damage to your rug since different fabric types require specialized cleaning solutions and equipment which in most cases may not be within your reach.

The best way to ensure your rug lasts longer and your loved ones and pets are safe from respiratory and bacteria-related health conditions is to partner with a renowned professional oriental rug cleaning service provider. Finding a legitimate Oriental rug cleaning service may not be easy, however, if you are in Oceanside, NY, then you just found the best and most affordable cleaning service provider in the area. Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY is a local cleaning business offering professional services for both residential and commercial properties in Oceanside, NY.

Call us now at 516-206-0580 for a free estimate and to join the endless list of satisfied customers by booking an appointment with our professional rug cleaners.

Rug Cleaning in Oceanside, NY
Rug Cleaning in Oceanside, NY
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How Much Is Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY offers cleaning services for your Oriental rug at very affordable costs. The final price of professional cleaning service can depend on the following:

  • Size of the rug
  • Type of fabric used to make the rug
  • Type of damage (stains, spills, water damage, mold etc.)

These factors play a big role in determining the equipment and solution to be used, as well as the manpower required. Once our professional cleaners inspect your rug, we will be happy to provide a free detailed estimate showing how much it will cost.

Benefits of Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Here are some of the reasons why our customer base grows each day.

  • We offer the best Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in the Oceanside, NY area.
  • People appreciate our free estimates and affordable prices.
  • Our cleaning services use Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions.
  • All our cleaners are professional and well-equipped to handle all types of rugs.
  • Our methods ensure your rug is protected from damage during cleaning.

Partner with us today to enjoy the best and most affordable rug cleaning services that ensure your rug is left clean and good as new.

The Process of Rug Cleaning

Our team of professionals has come up with a fool-proof cleaning process using the experience gained from being in the business for years. Our cleaning process ensures your rug is protected from damage and left clean and safe from bacteria and mold.

The rug cleaning process involves:

  • Rug inspection to determine rug condition and material;
  • Dirt removal using compressed air to gently remove any dust particles and dander on the rug fabric;
  • Deep cleaning to remove tough stains, using specialized equipment and eco-friendly solutions;
  • Sanitization and deodorization to eradicate bacteria and odor;
  • Dehumidification using industrial-grade dehumidifiers as well as natural drying to ensure your area rug is free from moisture that can cause mold.

Find Oriental Rug Cleaner Near You

Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY has brought the best and most affordable professional rug cleaning to your doorstep. Call us now at 516-206-0580 to book an appointment with the best rug cleaners in the region. Our lines are open 24/7 for any cleaning and restoration emergencies. Partner with us to help you prolong your rug life and protect your loved ones from bacteria and respiratory-related conditions.

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