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Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY

At Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY we believe that true success is measured by the amount of returning customers. With all the choices residents of Oceanside have, Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY has been able to maintain a solid register of loyal customers.

We have clients all over town, in Hempstead, and even other areas of Nassau County because our customers show us their appreciation by recommending us to their friends and family. Now we want to invite you to join this group of satisfied carpet cleaning customers by hiring Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY for your carpet cleaning needs.

Get your carpets looking brand new and smelling spring fresh!

For our carpet cleaning services, our technicians perform the service on your commercial or residential premises. The initial stage will involve a diagnosis of the target area. If you have stain issues, this will be taken care of before the cleaning phase.

The cleaning phase involves our state-of-the art truck mounted cleaning machine which will generate enough heat to successfully extract all the hidden bacteria sunk down in the bottom layers of your carpet.

Call Us at 516-206-0580 and Schedule Your Appointment!

Don't be afraid to treat your Oriental heirloom rug to a yearly clean!

We are also the local experts in rug cleaning, be it an area rug or a runner, a wool rug or an antique heirloom, we have the facility to take care them all.

Depending on the particular circumstances, our technicians will either perform the service on site or take your rug back to our factory with a 2-5 day guaranteed turn around.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Match your brand new clean carpet with freshly ventilated air ducts!

If you are interested in having your carpets cleaned due to an excess of dirt and soil buildup, be aware that bacteria can easily transport to other parts of your home. Your air ducts, for example, need to be periodically cleaned in order to prevent dust and dander build up on the duct walls.

Start cleaning your home from the bottom up with Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY! Call our customer service representatives for more information on our carpet cleaning and additional cleaning services today!

Carpet Cleaning Oceanside NY
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